Festival of Radio Science 2016

The Festival of Radio Science was held in York on 6th December, 2016.  The full programme can be found here.

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Session 4

File Attachments: 

PDF icon Programme - FRSci 2016.pdf38.72 KB
PDF icon Fathi M (Conical NMHA Design Model etc).pdf395.23 KB
PDF icon Hamd Ahmed (Partial Discharge Detection etc).pdf338.16 KB
PDF icon A.A. AlAbdullah (Channel Characteristics at Several mmWaves etc).pdf455.33 KB
PDF icon Omer Arabi (A Novel Dual-Polarised Microstrip Patches Antenna etc).pdf327.63 KB
PDF icon R Asif (Angle of Arrival Estimation etc).pdf79.24 KB
PDF icon H.A.H. Al-Behadili (Propagation Prediction for HF Communications etc).pdf344.26 KB
PDF icon M Bashar (Robust Geometry-Based User Scheduling etc).pdf119.12 KB
PDF icon Samuel Bourke (Staircasing Errors due to Orthogonal Meshing etc).pdf181.11 KB
PDF icon RBuckland (Detecting the Ionospheric Trough etc).pdf312.11 KB
PDF icon Simon Butler (Bio Foundries for Mass Production of Metamaterials).pdf361.55 KB
PDF icon Isah M. Danjuma (Reconfigurable Design Model of Bow-Tie Dipole etc).pdf455.12 KB
PDF icon K. W. Hameed (Performance Evaluation of Single Snap-Shot etc).pdf369.17 KB
PDF icon Stuart Harper (The Simulated Effects of Navigation Satellites etc).pdf109.18 KB
PDF icon Timothy Heelis (Holistic Simulations of Ionospheric Radio Heating etc).pdf112.87 KB
PDF icon A Hopper (Realisation of High Power Microwave Artificial Material).pdf119.98 KB
PDF icon Jaber A (Free-Space Radiometric Estimate of Apparant Charge etc).pdf266.78 KB
PDF icon Umar Khan (PD Localisation Algorithm stc).pdf138.26 KB
PDF icon Haiying Li (Transmission, Reflection and Absorption of Vortex Beams etc).pdf102.13 KB
PDF icon Lei Liu (Phased Arrays Feed for reflector etc).pdf107.25 KB
PDF icon Poppy Martin (Recovering Electron Density hight profiles etc).pdf68.46 KB
PDF icon Ahmed Mirza (Imaging with Arrays of Ultra-Wideband etc).pdf1.55 MB
PDF icon Keyur Mistery (Measurement, simulation and optimisation of wideband log-periodic antennas).pdf785.41 KB
PDF icon George Oguntala (Design and Characterisation of an Electrically Small etc).pdf292.52 KB
PDF icon George Oguntala (Smart Rooms for Elderly ADL Monitoring etc).pdf188.68 KB
PDF icon Alex Pang (Non-Linear Characteristics of an Optically Reconfigurable etc).pdf288.04 KB
PDF icon J Parker (Characterisation of the Main Inonospheric Trough etc).pdf20.28 KB
PDF icon Neil Rogers (Modelling Ionospheric Faraday Rotation etc).pdf208.71 KB
PDF icon Neil Rogers (Now casting Space Weather Impacts etc).pdf208.84 KB
PDF icon Wafa S. Shuaieb (Radio Location Technique etc).pdf180.7 KB
PDF icon P K Singya (Outage Analysis of Multi-Hop AF Millimetre Wave etc).pdf53.5 KB
PDF icon Yuxiang Tu (Tri-Eide Band Polygon Filter).pdf404.71 KB
PDF icon Jiexiong Yan (Effect of Power State on Absorption Cross Section etc).pdf169.22 KB