Commission E: Electromagnetic Environment and Interference

URSI Commission E is concerned with the electromagnetic environment and interference. Its remit includes both natural and man-made processes and all frequency bands. It explicitly promotes research and development in:

  • Terrestrial and planetary noise of natural origin, seismic associated electromagnetic fields;
  • Man-made electromagnetic environment;
  • The composite noise environment;
  • The effects of noise on system performance;
  • The effects of natural and intentional emissions on equipment performance;
  • The scientific basis of noise and interference control, electromagnetic compatibility;
  • Spectrum management.

UK Panel Commission E Representative

Dr Martin Fullekrug
Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering
University of Bath
Bath BA2 7AY
T: 01225-386053
E: eesmf [at]

Highlights of UK research relevant to Commission E

As reflected by papers presented at the 2014 URSI General Assembly, there is significant radio science activity in the UK which falls under the remit of Commission E. Work currently being carried out by UK groups includes studies of:

  • atmospheric electricity, including sprites (transient optical emissions in the mesosphere associated with strong positive cloud-to-ground lightning discharges);
  • the electromagnetic noise environment close to high voltage power systems equipment and its impact on the performance of wireless communications technologies;
  • the development and application of numerical methods to the simulation of engineering systems and the prediction of unwanted radiation;
  • electromagnetic compatibility including shielding and immunity (not limited to, but especially for, aerospace applications)